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Do you believe that everyone should have the right to control their healthcare costs and access to quality healthcare services?

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, patient advocate, church leader, or concerned citizen, your support can empower more individuals to take control of their health and well-being. 

Our new ambassador program, “Share the Power,” brings together like-minded people and provides a way for healthsharing supporters and influencers to promote this freedom across the U.S.

Join us and help us spread awareness of healthcare freedom!

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Liberty HealthShare, one of the country’s leading Christian healthcare sharing ministries, offers six affordable medical cost sharing programs, that are designed to fit the needs of individuals as well as different types and sizes of families. Monthly share amounts start at just $87.

The ambassador program is open to current Liberty HealthShare members and those who support the ministry’s mission but are not active sharing members. The ambassador program is not open to residents of Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, or Pennsylvania due to state regulations. Licensed insurance agents are not eligible to participate as an Ambassador.

Share the Power Ambassador Earnings

View an Ambassador's potential earnings below.

Recurring commissions are paid monthly if new members remain enrolled and the Ambassador remains in the ambassador program.


To remain a participant and earn recurring commissions, an Ambassador must enroll at least 5 new paid memberships in the first 6 months. If the Ambassador fails to enroll 5 members in the first 6 months and is no longer an active Ambassador, compensation of $150 per membership is paid in lieu of future commissions.

After the first 6 months, the Ambassador must enroll at least 4 new paid memberships every 12 successive months to remain a participant and continue earning recurring commissions. If the Ambassador fails to enroll 4 new members each 12 successive months and is no longer an active Ambassador, compensation of $150 per membership is paid in lieu of future commissions.

Example: Commission for a new member enrolled as a family in Connect would be $25 per month for as long as that member remains enrolled, and you are an active Ambassador.


We’ll equip you with all the tools and marketing materials you need to Share the Power. Take a look at our Ambassador home base to see how we set you up for success.



Liberty HealthShare is not an insurance company nor is it offered through an insurance company. Please visit for legal notices for specific states.